Working to Develop Digital Consiousness™

Student Developed Activities

Calling all Teachers & Students! This forum has been provided so that you may share student created Lesson Plans or Activities being used to teach others about digital safety, responsibility and citizenship and cyber bully prevention. If your Activities were designed based on the Extension Activities in our Video Curriculum, please let us know in the title or description!

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How Are You Teaching Public and Permanent™?

Do you Teach Public and Permanent™ in Your Organization? We would love to know how you are creating a Digital Consciousness™ in your organization by teaching Public and Permanent. Did you bring in a Live Event, Use our Video Curriculum, our Book, or perhaps you created your own activities. Please feel free to tell us and the world how you are teaching the Golden Rule for the 21st Century - Public and…

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How Do You Teach Digital Safety & Citizenship?

What's Working For You? In this forum, we encourage collaboration to create a list of successful tips & ideas being used in schools & organizations for others to learn from and try.  Please include the grade level, and any media, links, documents, or feedback that you think other institutions may find helpful. Together we can make a difference. 

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Digital Safety Related VIdeos

Episode 1 C MeetingHarold
Episode 1 D WhataWeGonnaDo
Episode 2 A HiImZion
Episode 2 B NSKonSocialSharing
Episode 2 C OutlawsAreBack
Episode 3 A WhereDoYouStand
Episode 3 C RocketBike
Episode 3 B SafeOnlineSafeOffline

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